Movie Review: Project Wolf Hunting (2022)

After a contingent of Korean criminals extradited from the Philippines gets blown sky-high by a mad bomber, the decision is made to move the next load of no-good-niks via cargo ship to a private dock in Busan.

While the overall plan is unconventional, the journey gets stranger by the second as the doctor on board is acting suspicious as all fuck, some of the ship’s crew have been replaced by gang members, and there’s a pseudo-zombie, code-named Alpha (Train to Busan‘s Gwi-hwa Choi) below decks…

Before you can say “absolute shit-show” things become an absolute shit-show with (most of) the criminals engaging in a bloody (think gallons upon gallons) coup… but that previously mentioned “most of” leads to more tension as the more peaceful of the evil-doers find themselves at odds with their much, MUCH more psychotic brethren, and all are at odds with the remaining police force.

Then Alpha, created decades ago by the eponymous Project who had hopes of creating a super-soldier rather than the absolute fucking nightmare monster they actually got, wakes up and the previously off-the-charts violence and mayhem escalates exponentially as everyone attempts to survive the beast’s onslaught!

Writer/director Hongsun Kim’s Project Wolf Hunting is, at it’s heart, a neo-80’s slasher flick… and that’s a strong foundation in my opinion my cats n’ creeps!

Alpha is every bit the Jason Voorhees surrogate; lumbering and silent… outrageously viscous, but unlike that studio hampered gore of our beloved Friday the 13th series, Alpha’s exploits are paraded front and center!

Over a two-hour run-time, the screen often explodes in so much action, blood (especially blood), severed limbs (which naturally results in a man being beaten with his own forcibly removed arm), skull-crushings, and so, so, SO much more that it’s hard to even register all of the grizzly, gory, goodness!

This leads to my one minor quibble with Project Wolf Hunting. With all of that incredible spectacle constantly ticklin’ our eerie eyeballs, the scenes of dialog seem to take longer than they do which makes the momentum a tad uneven.

As for special features to accompany the lunacy above, Well Go USA have included two brief glimpses behind-the-scenes of the film’s production, as well as the film’s trailer.

Sure to satisfy gore-hounds and action aficionados alike, Project Wolf Hunting is an explosive, crimson-drenched, whirlwind that absolutely should not be missed!



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